Training Program Objective:

This powerful training program provides complete detail concept of the object oriented programming language. The training program contains programming concepts from introduction to advanced level. Trainee will learn the entire programming concept in this program through Various Language. This program is the foundation course to make programming logics and understanding to build the program in OOPS.

Training Program Outline:

  •  Basic Android based Java Concepts
  • Create apps employing Basic & Selection Widgets
  • Working with Containers & Lists
  • Creating Browser based apps
  • Study Activity Life Cycle Events ,Intents & Intent Filters
  • Managing and Accessing Local Databases
  • Communicating via the Internet
  • Using Content Providers
  • Creating & Invoking Services
  • Notifying Users via Notifications , Popup Messages & Dialog Boxes
  • Accessing GPS Location
  • Using Maps in your Application

Prerequisite: Eligibility- B.E, B.Tech, BIT, MIT, BCA, BSC, MSC, PGDCA, MS, M.Tech.