Training Program Objective:

This training program provides basic understanding about VHDL concepts from introduction to detailed programming. Trainee will learn the entire programming concept in this program through VHDL. This program is the foundation course to make programming logics and understanding to build the program and to learn the basics about VLSI.

What you will learn:

We will provide you a powerful training to understand and learn the VHDL programming concepts .A detailed introduction of the VHDL from the very start. How to make the logics and design the program in very simple way. After completing this training program trainee will be able to make program by your own.


Training Program Outline:

Basic Concept of the Digital Electronics

Basic Concept of the Analog Electronics (CMOS & BJT)

Basics of VLSI

Basic Understanding of VHDL

Libraries, Entity, Architecture, Different Packages,etc.

Operators, Data types and Variable declaration

Logic design and implementation

Logic implementation in Different Modeling Styles

Data Flow, Structural, Behavioral, Mixed Style.

Usage of Generic statements

Concepts of Loops

Simple and Complex program implementation

Simulating and Synthesizing in VHDL.

Implementation on FPGA/CPLD.